Bottled in dark amber glass with orifice reducer to easily dispense one tiny drop at a time.

A Tiny Drops Exclusive – We bottle your oil moments before we ship it to you to guarantee a fresh and effective product. 


10 Ml bottles each ~ click the box to order




Get all 8 Essential Oils and SAVE! Valued at $70.00 Your Price ~ $59.00


Own the entire set of 8 plus a 4 oz bottle of both carrier oils – Sweet Almond and Coconut Oil valued at $88.00 – Your Price $75.00


10 ml roll-on bottles ~ $12.00 each


Singles – $12 each

Peppy Me – Peppermint – all by its special self! Order your Peppy Me

Orange You Happy – Sweet Orange – who needs anything else when you’re this juicy and sweet? Order your Orange You Happy

I’m in cLove – Clove Bud – solo scent in all its cLovliness! Order your I’m in cLove




Sweet Almond Oil 4 oz bottle ~ $8.99


Coconut Oil 4 oz jar ~ $8.99

Note: Coconut oil hardens at 76 degrees. To use it alone, simply melt in your warm hands and apply. To use with essential oils, warm in your hands or a small bowl immersed in heated water and add your tiny drops of essential oils. It is packed in a jar for easy use.


Hospital Helper 2 oz Spray ~ $8.99


Be Gone MRSA 2 oz Spray ~ $8.99


Be Gone MRSA 4 oz Massage Oil ~ $12.99

For more information about Be Gone MRSA

Safer Surgery Pack ~ $45.00

For more information about a Safer Surgery


Bye Bug! 2 oz Spray ~ $8.99


Writer’s Block Creativity Mist 2 oz Spray ~ $8.99



Clove Bud Mist – an energizing spray that helps to increase focus, clarity and boosts energy. 2 fl oz 59 ml ~ $7.99

Eucalyptus Mist – a bracing spray to help improve mood and aid in deep, healing breathing. 2 fl oz 59 ml ~ $7.99

Lavender Mist – a peaceful spray to calm and soothe you and your environment. 2 fl oz 59 ml ~ $7.99

Peppermint Mist – a stimulating spray to enhance alertness and stamina and assist with headache pain. 2 fl oz 59 ml ~ $7.99

Sweet Orange Mist – a delicious spray that evokes warmth, joy and a happy mood. 2 fl oz 59 ml ~ $7.99

Tea Tree Mist – a restorative spray to cleanse, purify, renew and disinfect. 2 fl oz 59 ml ~ $7.99

Hospital Helper – perfect for smelly hospital rooms in addition to its ability to relax and soothe the patient. 2 fl oz 59 ml ~ $8.99


Your delicious choice of Cloves al a Cocoa Crème, Lavender Almond Crème, Lemongrass Ginger Crème, Peppernilla Crème and Sweet Orangesicle Crème with Cinnamon Specks.

Cloves al a Cocoa Crème ~ 4 oz jar ~ $12.99


Lavender Almond Crème 4 oz jar ~ $12.99


Lemongrass Ginger Crème 4 oz jar ~ $12.99


PepperNilla Mint Crème 4 oz jar ~ $12.99


Orangesicle Crème with Cinnamon Specks ~ 4 oz jar ~ $12.99



Your choice of Luscious Lavender, Peppy Peppermint, Refreshing Sweet Orange and Therapeutic Tea Tree.

Luscious Lavender Lotion ~ 4 oz pump bottle ~ $10.99


Peppy Peppermint Lotion ~ 4 oz pump bottle ~ $10.99


Refreshing Sweet Orange Lotion  ~ 4 oz pump bottle ~ $10.99


Therapeutic Tea Tree Lotion ~ 4 oz pump bottle ~ $10.99


Naturally Healing Organic Essential Oils