Life is serious enough. Using your essential oils shouldn’t be.

Most essential oil brands focus on attracting peace, tranquility, healing and zen.  We get that. And that is precisely what our Tiny Drops Nice Collection is all about.

But what about those times when you need a  ‘grab and go’ solution to quickly dispel the negative source? That’s where our ZAP! Naughty Collection saves the day. A little bit naughty, slightly irreverant – but you gotta do what you gotta do. The oils are still 100% organic and are blended for their specific therapeutic purposes. It’s just the label that pokes fun!

So Roll On or Spray Away because sometimes naughty can be oh so nice!

Available in both 10 ml Rollerballs or 2 oz Sprays – $12 each

Have a unique situation? Got a great idea for a label name? We can create a custom label just for you for an additional design fee of $7.50 Contact us for details – or 44 0-725-5462

Looking for a secret santa idea??? 

No-Mo-B-O ~ B-Odorant

No-Mo-B-O Rollerball

No-Mo-B-O Spray Mist

Shhh-it Happens 

Shhh-it Happens Rollerball

Shhh-it Happens Spray Mist

Resting Bitch Face – RBF 

RBF Rollerball

RBF Spray Mist


Anti-Ass Rollerball

Anti-Ass Spray Mist

BeGone Bitch

BeGone Bitch Rollerball

BeGone Bitch Spray Mist


DONE Rollerball

DONE Spray Mist

Shield the Shade

Shield the Shade Rollerball

Sheild the Shade Spray Mist

Liquor Kicker


Liquor Kicker Rollerball

Liquor Kicker Spray Mist

Kick Butts

Kick Butts Rollerball

Kick Butts Spray Mist

Tooter Shooter – Fart Spray

Tooter Shooter Spray Mist


LibidOh! Rollerball

LibidOh! Spray Mist

New Tats

New Tats Creme

NEW  – New Tats Spray

Disclaimer: Because being naughty requires extra energy, the Naughty Collection packs a bit of a bigger punch than the Nice Collection and therefore is not suggested for use on children, the elderly, animals or those with serious medical conditions. If in doubt, please consult with a licensed physician or practitioner prior to use.


Naturally Healing Organic Essential Oils