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Common Uses:  Our Peppermint Oil is softer and less intensely minty and won’t knock you over like many others. Peppermint Oil is commonly referred to as the world’s oldest medicine. The historical uses and research done on the benefits of Peppermint Oil have come to the conclusion that peppermint is one of the most naturally beneficial plants in the world.

Today, health care physicians recommend peppermint oil to patients suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS,) indigestion, heart burn and nausea amongst other physical ailments.

Peppermint Essential Oil contains menthol. Menthol is also known to help ease tension headaches and muscular aches and pains.

Emotionally, Peppermint Oil is stimulating and is a good choice to help enhance alertness and stamina. It is considered an aphrodisiac. Peppermint should be avoided before bedtime.

Description: Although it has been used throughout the world, the peppermint plant is a native to the Mediterranean and can most prominently be found in gardens in North American and European Countries.

Botanical Name: Mentha piperita

Origin: India

Plant Part: Leaves, Flowers, Buds

Extraction Method: Steam Distilled

Color: Clear with a yellow tinge

Consistency: Thin

Aroma:  Perfumery Note: Top – Strength of Initial Aroma: Strong Aromatic Description: Minty, reminiscent of peppermint candies, but more concentrated. More fragrant than spearmint.


Apply approximately 5 drops over your stomach for indigestion/stomach problems.

Massage the oil on muscle or joint pain to alleviate inflammation/pain.

When Massaged into the bottom of your feet it will help with fever reduction.

When applied onto skin it can prevent/stop itching.

Inhale the fumes and aroma for mood/mental issues.

Rub onto forehead, temples and sinus area for pain relief.

Mix a few drops into your bathwater for calming aromatherapeutic effects.

You can even apply directly to scalp to help aid with itching.

Cautions: Peppermint Oil is low risk as a mucous membrane irritant. It is choleretic and can pose a risk of neurotoxicity. They recommend a maximum dermal use level of 5.4% and state that it should be avoided in instance of cardiac fibrillation and by those with a G6PD deficiency. Do not apply near the face of infants/children. Do not use during pregnancy.


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