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Common Uses: Our Frankincense Serrata is considered to be the richest and most exquisite in scent and quality. Wild-harvested in India, its aroma offers fresh lemon, citrus and pine notes. Its profound healing properties have rendered it an important part of Ayurvedic medicine. Used in worship for thousands of years, it is valued both for its many healing powers and for its intoxicating fragrance.

Frankincense is said to help rejuvenate the aging skin, and is effective with bacterial and fungal infections. The anti-inflammatory property of this oil is reputed to be an effective treatment for joint pain and arthritis. Frankincense can also be used as an insect repellent.

Frankincense is renowned for treating sores, wounds, fevers, coughs, colds, stress, bronchitis, laryngitis, nervous conditions, and even tension. Even more practical uses from this oil include improving circulation, sleep, breathing, and positive feelings.  The grounding aroma can aid in meditation, paving the way to peace and balance and lessen feelings of anxiety. .

Description: Frankincense is a tree in which its bark is collected to make essential oil. The oil starts as a resin that seeps out of injured bark. The oil holds a warm and sweet scent. This tree can grow to be around 20 feet tall, with shiny, wax looking leaves, and white flowers.    Frankincense trees are most commonly found in Somalia, China, Ethiopia, and Southern Arabia. The Chinese would use the resin paste to treat Tuberculosis, and Leprosy; they also used the incense to fumigate rooms where the sick once resided.

Botanical Name: Boswellia Serrata

Origin: India

Plant Part: Resin

Extraction Method: Steam Distilled

Color: Colorless to pale yellow clear liquid.

Consistency: Medium

Aroma: Base Strength of Aroma: Medium Aromatic Scent: Frankincense Essential Oil has a rich woody, earthy scent with a deeply mysterious nuance.

Suggestions: A few drops of this high-quality frankincense oil can be applied to the palms, rubbed together and directly inhaled. This produces an instantaneous clarifying effect. Frankincense essential oil can also be mixed with a carrier oil such as coconut or sweet almond oil and massaged into the skin to help the body stay limber and relaxed. It is particularly helpful for those who practice yoga.

Place a drop of this incredible oil in the palm of your hand, gently rub the palms together, bring them towards your face and inhale deeply. The aroma brings clarity, protection and a meditative mind.

Add a drop to your favorite skincare cream to help give clarity and luster to the skin.

Add several drops and apply as a cold compress to soothe any specific area of the body.

Add several drops of frankincense oil to any massage oil to soothe the skin, and relax the entire body and mind.

A few drops of the oil can be sprinkled on a hot, wet towel and applied to the chest to open the lungs and enhance deep breathing.

To heal infected skin, use a hot compress with 4 drops of Frankincense and 3 drops of Tea Tree.

Cautions: Frankincense Essential Oil is non-toxic, non-irritant and non-sensitizing making it safe for all skin types. Avoid use during pregnancy.

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