Essential Oils

Not All Essential Oils Are Created Equal

There are hundreds of compounds in just one essential oil, but not all oils are used for healing purposes.

The food industry takes out the ingredients that taste like peppermint, clove, etc., and use small amounts to flavor their products.

The fragrance industry isolates the smell and remove only the part of the oil that gives the fragrance.

Tiny Drops offers you organic essential oils  with all of the compounds intact so you can experience the full health benefits that can promote restoration and provide balance to all of your body’s systems.

Many oils on the market today are synthetic and do nothing to help and can possibly harm y our health.

How can you tell the difference?

The type of bottle is your first clue: REAL essential oils are stored in dark bottles with a label that shows all the ingredients, including the botanical name.

Synthetic oils come in clear bottles, do not show the ingredients or if they do, don’t list the botanical name.

Your second clue is the price: Real essential oils cost more. As with most things – you get what you pay for.

Tiny Drops Essential oils are packaged in 10 ml amber glass bottles with sealed euro dropper top for freshness. All of our essential oils are certified organic are undiluted and are bottled at the time you place an order.

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Naturally Healing Organic Essential Oils