A Safer Surgery




Surgery can save your life. It also comes with a healthy dose of stress and some serious risks including hospital acquired infections.

Fortunately, essential oils have the ability to  support a healthy immune system and  relieve mental stress making them an important part of your pre and post surgical support system.

To receive all of the benefits these tiny drops afford you, here are some recommendations to consider:


To relieve stress and evoke feelings of happy times, mist with Tiny Drops Lavender-Peppermint Mist better known as Happy Happy Joy Joy! Spray as often as you like to create your own little area of calm.

For infection prevention measures – mist your skin and room with Tiny Drops Be Gone MRSA Spray.

  1. Before surgery Tiny Drops little purple logo

(a) Inhale deeply from a bottle of pure undiluted essential oil while setting your intentions and visualizing the surgery and healing. It’s important that the aroma is very pleasant to you.

(b) Also at quiet times apply a blend (essential oil in a carrier oil) to your nose, temples, back of neck, and appropriate areas for a gentle massage. Make this blend with a base like our Sweet Almond Oil and add1 drop of essential oil in your palm along with a squirt of Sweet Almond Oil.

  1. During surgery and hospital stay Tiny Drops little purple logo

(a) Continue to use your straight single oil for inhalation directly from the bottle and/or put 1 drop on a cotton ball to tuck in your pocket or pillow as a personal diffuser.

TIP: Inhale pure Peppermint Essential Oil if nauseated and when coming out of the anesthesia.

(b) Spray skin and hospital room with our Tiny Drops Be Gone MRSA as excellent preventive care.

(c) Use your Happy Happy Joy Joy! Mist as often as you like to lift your spirits.

  1. After surgery Tiny Drops little purple logo

(a) Before the stitches are out, gently massage the Be Gone MRSA Oil around the stitches to help all the surrounding tissue heal.

(b) After the stitches are removed and the incision is “dry”, massage the scar area very gently with Be Gone MRSA Oil until thoroughly absorbed. Do this 2-3 times a day for about a week, then twice a day for another week or so, then once a day for as many weeks as you like.

(c) Continue to use the Happy Happy Joy Joy! Mist to ease your mind and emotions and use your favorite single oil for inhaling a quick fragrant healing message to the brain.


Our Safer Surgery Pack includes everything you need:

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For added stress relief – grab a bottle of our Hospital Helper too. Found at the SHOP page.

And for complete protection – get a copy of the book Speak Up and Stay Alive your hospital survival guide. A must read for every patient or family member. Find out what the hazards are, where they lurk and what you can do to avoid them.


To read some of the studies:

A study by U.S. researchers show that staph-infected wounds healed faster when they were treated with vapors of tea-tree oil than with conventional methods. Research published in December 2013 reported that a hand gel made with lemongrass oil was effective in reducing MRSA on the skin of human volunteers, and previous research has shown that a cleanser made with tea-tree oil clears MRSA from the skin as effectively as the standard treatments to which bacteria appear to be developing resistance. This type of simple, inexpensive fix—an essential-oil-based hand sanitizer—could be a major boost to hospitals, in particular, since MRSA infections are so common in healthcare settings.

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